Wi-Fi Hotspot Solution

Nowadays, any establishment where people are expected to come and spend a reasonable amount of time requires a Wi-Fi hotspot. With a hotspot, you not only enable your customers to stay connected to Internet enabled information and services, but also you earn a reason for your customers to prefer your business over your competitors. We can help you build one according to your requirements. MCN now giving complete managed of Wi-Fi Hotspot solutions. We offer complete solutions to enable this valued opportunity for you & your customers. With wireless devices like Smartphone, laptop becoming more available, a Wi-Fi hotspot becomes much more important. This means that if your competition offers Wi-Fi connectivity but you don’t, you could be losing business when a solution is available.

  • Offer a Wi-Fi Hotspot service at your location.
  • Provide a valuable service to your customers.
  • Your own branding and advertising.
  • Direct marketing and engagement.
  • 24/7 monitoring, management and support.

Infrastructure Development

We create IT Infrastructure which are essential and can support the shifting needs of the business. The solutions are designed with intermixing of Products which are best in the Business. In order to create the best IT Infrastructure for our valued clients we have partnered the best in the Industry today.

We provide end to end solution as far as IT Infrastructure Development is concerned from design, delivery, installation, implementation and management of infrastructure.