Corporate Internet Connectivity

Dedicated bandwidth is a guaranteed magnitude of high speed bandwidth with committed Rate of Information (CRI). Dedicated bandwidth is 100% dedicated to a specific client, with no sharing, no slowdowns, and no restrictions on use from the network provider. It is a network service that is dedicated to the customer.

Dedicated Bandwidth allows you to access the World Wide Web, to send and receive emails, transfer large files with ease and to build Virtual Private Networks. Most importantly in this age it provides a high performance connection to allow your customers to access your e-Commerce systems and other web presence.

MCN Dedicated Internet Access service is designed to offer you an exceptional level of connectivity delivered to you by one of the leading and most experienced business Internet Service Providers. Our extensive network allows you to choose the bandwidth according to your business needs, with an easy upgrade path to additional security and hosting services (such as, Managed Firewalls, Enterprise Hosting) or increased bandwidth, as and when your business needs it.